Toggenburg Senior Does

GCH Legendairy Starbuck Rhumba
2013 Nationals Rhumba
Rhumba08b2010 Rhumba
From Left:  Rhumba in ‘ 13, ’11, and ’10

Best Senior Doe in Show, 2009, 2011, & 2014 (over 570 entries) MN State Fair
2nd Place Aged Doe, 2013 National Show
2nd Place 5-6 Year Old, 2011 National Show
Reserve Best Udder, 2011 National Show
3rd Place 5-6 Year Old, 2010 National Show
2nd Place 3 Year Old, 2008 National Show
1st Place 2-Year Old, 2007 National Show

4-04 EX 92 (EEEE) 2009
5-04 EX 92 (EEEE) 2010
6-04 EX 92 (EEEE) 2011

Sire:  *B Marshland Regal/J Starbuck
Sire’s Sire:  GCH Dionysis CiCi’s Chivas Regal
Sire’s Dam:  SGCH Marshland Star of Jasmine
Dam:  CH Legendairy Worthy Rhondelet
Dam’s Sire:  Legendairy Worthington
Dam’s Dam:  Legendairy Osage Rhonda

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Rhumba is simply a very special doe.  Her Reserve Best Udder win at the 2011 National Show in addition to her three Best in Show wins at the Minnesota State Fair were incredibly memorable moments for our family.  Another significant achievement is her son owned by Redbird Acres, *B Legendairy Rhumba’s Rhett being named the 2010 Premier Toggenburg Sire at the National Show.  We only took Rhumba out to one show in 2014, the Minnesota State Fair, where, as a 9-year old, she was Best of Breed and Best Senior Doe in Show for the third time.  Rhumba has had some reproductive issues for the past two years and has not been able to carry a pregnancy to term.  We are researching our options and are hopeful that we may be able to get her bred to E-Ranger at some point this fall.

GCH Paramount Star Rhapsody
2013 Nationals RhapsodyRhapsody2014 Nationals SideRhapsody 2014 Nationals Rear




3rd Place/3rd Udder Aged Doe, 2016 National Show

1st Place/2nd Udder 5-6 Year Old, 2014 National Show
Member, 2nd Place Dam/Daughter, 2014 National Show
4 X Best of Breed, 2013 Bluff Country Show
2nd in Champion Challenge (to Walnut), 2013 Iowa State Fair
7th Place 5-6 Year Old, 2013 National Show
Best Senior Doe in Show, 2012 Bluff Country Show & WDGA Club Show
2nd Place 3-Year Old, 2011 National Show
3rd Place 2 Year Old, 2010 National Show

2-04 90 (VEEE) 2010
3-04 92 (EEEE) 2011
5-02 92 (EEEE) 2013

DHI-2016  8-00  254 days  2185# milk  80# fat (3.7%)  69# protein (3.2%)

Sire: *B Marshland Regal/J Starbuck
Sire’s Sire:  GCH ++*B Dionysis CiCi’s Chivas Regal
Sire’s Dam:  SGCH Marshland Star of Jasmine
Dam: Legendariy Worthy Rhona (twin to CH Legendairy Worthy Rhodelet)
Dam’s Sire: Legendairy Worthington
Dam’s Dam: Legendairy Osage Rhonda

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Rhapsody is a tremendous doe with a wonderful combination of style, size and scale, and an impressive, capacious mammary system.  She loves to be shown, and seems to command attention when she walks into the show ring.  She has done well for us on both a regional and national level.  A major highlight in 2014 was her 1st place win in the 5-6 Year Old class at the ADGA National Show.  In prior years, she was the 3rd Place 2-year old at the 2010 National Show and the 2nd Place 3-year old at the 2011 National Show.  She was shown twice in 2012, going 4 X Best of Breed and 2 X Best in Show.  Rhapsody’s 2016 kids sired by Chip are very impressive.  Her daughter Rhaffia was the 2nd place junior kid at the national show.  Rhapsody will be bred to Jungle this fall.

CH Legendairy Sausy Rhomance
Rhomance 2014 Nationals

4th Place 5-6 Year Old, 2016 National Show

2 X Best of Breed, Tri-State Classic, 2016

Best of Breed, 2015 Minnesota State Fair                                                                  Best Udder of Breed; 2nd in Champion Challenge, 2015 Iowa State Fair          2 X Best Senior Doe in Show, (WDGA Club Show & Bluff Country), 2015          Senior Champion, 2014 Minnesota State Fair
3rd Place/3rd Place Udder, 2014 National Show
1st Place 2-Year Old, 2013 MN State Fair
5th Place 2-Year Old, 2013 National Show
Grand Champion, WDGA Club Show & Olmsted County Fair, 2013
Best Junior Doe in Show, 2011 Iowa State Fair

1-06 85 (VV++) 2012
2-04 89 (VVEE) 2013
3-04 EX 91 (VEEE) 2014

4-03 EX 91 (VEEE) 2015

DHI-2016  4-10  305 days  3197# milk  105# fat (3.3%)  88# fat (2.8%)

Sire:  ++*B Nimrodel Sausalito
Sire’s Sire:  Dionysius Carmela’s San Martin
Sire’s Dam:  SGCH Nimrodel Clover’s Camellia
Dam:  GCH Paramount Star Rhapsody
Dam’s Sire:  +*B Marshland Regal/J Starbuck
Dam’s Dam:  Legendairy Worthy Rhona

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Rhomance is big, long, and strong.  She has a high, well-shaped mammary system with incredible texture. Rhomance was the 4th Place 5-6 Year Old at the 2016 National Show, the 3rd Place 3-year old at the 2014 National Show and the 5th Place 2-Year Old at the 2013 National Show.  Her daughter Legendairy SBB Rhoma was the 5th Place 2-Year Old at the 2014 National Show.  Rhomance will be bred E-Ranger this as we hope to get a doe from this breeding.

CH Legendairy Chip’s Rhubiayat

Sire:  KBARC Zim’s Chippewa
Dam:  GCH Legendairy Starbuck Rhumba – 6-06 EX 92 (EEEE)

1-04 VG 88 (VEVV)

2-04 VG 89 (VEVE)

3-03 EX 92 (EEEE)

DHI-2016  2-11  280 days  3248# milk  126# fat (3.9%)  109# protein (3.4%)

1st Place 3 Year Old/1st Udder, 2016 National Show

Grand Champion and Best Udder of Breed, 2015 MN State Fair

3 X Grand Champion, WDGA Club Show, 2015

4th Place Milking Yearling, 2014 National Show
2nd Place/1st Udder, 2014 MN State Fair
2 X 1st, 2 X 2nd, Spring Club Show Circuit

We love Rhubyiat’s style and grace.  She reminds us quite a bit of Rhumba as a young doe, but is more dairy and feminine.  She has a fancy mammary system as well that is high into the rear and well supported in the fore. Rhubiyat has been confirmed bred AI to K-Bar C Ranger Rick this fall.

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CH (pending) Legendairy Chip’s Winterberry

Sire:  KBARC Zim’s Chippewa
Dam:  GCH Legendairy MRD Wallflower – 7-06 EX 92 (EEEE)

3-04 EX 91 (EEEE)

2-04 VG 89 (VEEE)

1-04 VG 87 (VVVV)

DHI-2016  3-01  222 days  2103# milk  74# fat (3.5%)  58# protein (2.8%)

2nd Place/2nd Udder 3-year old, 2016 National Show

2 X Grand Champion, 2015 Bluff Country Show

Reserve Senior Champion, 2015 Iowa State Fair

1 X 1st and Reserve Champion, 2014 Bluff Country Show
1 X 2nd, 1 X 3rd, 1 X 4th, 2014 Bluff Country Show
1 X Best Junior Doe in Show, 2013 Bluff Country Show

Winterberry is long, dairy, and elegant.  She is also an absolute joy to show with a beautiful long neck, an impressively smooth front end, and correctness and gracefulness of movement.  Winterberry has been bred to Jungle for early May kids.

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CH (pending) Legendairy Chip’s Rhisotto

2016 Rhisotto

2-03 VG 89 (VEVE) FF Score

DHI-2016  2-00  287 days  3000# milk  95# fat (3.2%)  88# protein (2.9%)

Sire:  KBARC Zim’s Chippewa
Dam:  SG Legendairy SBB Rhoma – 5th Place 2-Year Old, 2014 National Show

Rhisotto is a promising 2-year old and her show record continued to improve throughout the early summer.  She freshened with triplets as a first freshener, and so it has taken awhile for her body and conditioning to catch up to her strong frame, but she’s looking very nice at this point in the year.  In making the calculation to sell her dam, I partially justified the sale by telling myself that Rhisotto was going to be just a little nicer, and it was so gratifying when that prediction came true and she freshened with such a lovely, productive mammary system.  Rhisotto’s twin, Rhicotta, owned by Jason Puterbaugh, has already earned her SG as a 2-year old.  Rhisotto has been bred to E-Ranger this fall for mid march kids.

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 Legendairy Chip’s Verhona

2016 Verhona
Sire:  KBARC Zim’s Chippewa
Dam:  CH Legendairy Starbuck Rhone

1-03 VG 85 (+V+V)

DHI-2016  1-00  281 days  1957# milk  67# fat (3.4%)  55# protein (2.8%)

Rhone’s last daughter, Verhona is long bodied with a beautiful front end and neck.  She has a beautiful upstanding profile as well.  She was the 6th place milking yearling at the 2016 National Show.  We confirmed an exciting AI breeding for Verhona to GCH +*B Canyon-View Mary’s Maestro.

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SG Legendairy SBB Rhubelita

2016 Rhubelita

Sire: *B Sunshine Burta Burgeon
Dam: CH Legendairy Chip’s Rhubiayat

Sometimes you have to make cuts to the herd quickly during those hectic spring months.  Rhubelita is a doe that went to our good friend Jason Puterbaugh’s dairy operation in early May.  Fast forward to the end of July, and she’s matured nicely, filling in and deepening out.  Rhubelita has proven she’s no slouch in the production department either, already earning her SG only a few months into her first lactation.  Her doe kid, Rhaella, sired by Evening Ranger will be sold in the Autumn Romance Select Sale down in Sedalia, Missouri over Labor Day weekend.

Legendairy KZC Rhainy Rhiver

Rhainy Rhiver 2015

Sire: KBARC Zim’s Chippewa
Dam: CH Legendairy Sausy Rhomance

Rhainy Rhiver also now has a home in Jason’s commercial herd.  She was a competitive milking yearling, placing 2nd/1st Udder at the 2015 Iowa State Fair.  She is pictured here because we’ve retained her very correct AI doe kid from 2016 sired by Evie’s Toggs Storm’s Jasper.  Her name is Legendairy Jasper’s Rhanea.

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