Alpine Junior Does

Bearly CZ Awe Inspiring
(D.O.B. 2/5/2016)

Sire:  Chairein YK Zienth
Dam:  Bearly Sunsquirt Awe

We have not added a doe since 2011 and before that 1993, but we saw Insprining’s dam on the livestream last year at the National show, where she was 3rd/2nd udder 2 year at the National show in 2015.  In reviewing the strength of her pedigree and dam line, we thought she would be an excellent complement to our herd.  We couldn’t be happier with her.  She has been RCH four times this summer, including over 61 does at the Minnesota State fair and she placed 6th in a large competitive Sr. Kid class at the National show.  She has been bred to Xuberant for Feb 27th, 2017 kids.


Kara Kahl Artsy Arrival
(D.O.B. 3/17/2016)

Sire:  Kara Kahl Art Thief
Dam:  Kara Kahl Fate Avila
1 x 2nd, 1 x Jr Champion, Arrival earned her dry leg at the West Salem, WI, Tri-State Classic .
She placed 16th Intermediate kid at the National show. Arrival is bred to Xuberant this fall for early March kids.


Kara Kahl Challenge Xena
(D.O.B. 3/22/2016)
Sire:  Kickapoo Valley  Gold Challenge
Dam:  Kara Kahl Fate Xtravagant

13419157_1231461566894169_3652090969203561854_nXena has been bred to Manny this fall for late March kids.

Kara Kahl MRR Siren
(D.O.B. 3/13/2016)

Sire:  Marran Roses Remembrance
Dam:  CH Kara Kahl Antonio’s Siri

Siren placed at 1st of 7 Intermediate kids at Olmsted County Fair and 4th in a class of 20+ intermediate kids at the Minnesota State Fair. Siren was bred to Argento for early April kids


Kara-Kahl MRR Antonia
(D.O.B. 3/15/16)

Sire:  Marran Roses Remembrance
Dam:  CH Kara Kahl Amen A&W

Antonia keeps improving each month, getting more level, tall and strong each day. Antonia placed 6th in a large intermediate kid class at the Minnesota State Fair. At the Bluff Country show, she placed 3rd 4 times of 12 Intermediate kids. Antonia has been bred to Argento for early March.


Kara Kahl Arya’s Ahncore

(DOB 5/4/2016)

Sire:  Kara Kahl Art Thief
Dam:  CH Kara Kahl Regard Arya

This little doe was not originally going to be retained, but we lost her dam, Arya, unexpectedly in July, and we decided to keep her last daughter.  She is heavily line bred on her dam, and is extremely long, wide and correct.  Ahncore was bred to Xuberant for mid December kids


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