Toggenburg Reference Does

GCH Legendairy MRD Wallflower
*2013 Picture*

Reserve Senior Champion, 2013 MN State Fair
1st Place/1st Place Udder Aged Doe, 2013 National Show
3rd Place/2nd Udder 5-6 Year Old, 2012 National Show

1-04 VG 88 (VEVE) 2007
3-04 EX 91 (VEEE) 2009
6-04 EX 91 (VEEE) 2012
7-01 EX 92 (VEEE) 2013

Sire:  Legendairy Mr. Rhondolet

Sire's Sire:  +*B Marshland Regal/J Starbuck
     Sire's Dam:  CH Legendairy Worthy Rhondolet

Dam:  CH Legendairy Rambo's Waha
Dam's Sire:Hoppy-Land Hillary's Rambo
Dam's Dam: GCH Legendairy Osage Wave

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Wallflower was the 1st Place/1st Uddered doe in the 7+ Aged Doe class at the 2013 National Show.  She has been one of our most consistent brood does with 3 milking daughters who have placed in the top 10 at the National Show, including Walnut who was the first place 4-year old in 2011.  Wallflower now resides with the Heldt Family.  We are excited about her milking yearling daughter, Winterberry who is sired by Chip.  We thank Becky Gretebeck and Joan Dean Rowe for the purchase of Wallflower's fancy 2014 buck kids, full brothers to Winterberry.


 Legendairy SBB Rhoma

*Updated 2014 Picture*

5th Place 2 Year Old, 2014 National Show
4 X 1st, 2013 Bluff Country Show
1st Place Milking Yearling, 2013 MN State Fair
1st Place Milking Yearling, 2013 Iowa State Fair
3rd Place Milking Yearling, 2013 National Show
1-00 85 (+V+V) 2013

Sire:  *B Sunshine Burta Burgeon
Sire's Sire:  A/V Glacier View Jawbreaker
Sire's Dam:  SGCH Sunshine Justice Burta

Dam:  CH Legendairy Sausy Rhomance   

Dam's Sire:  ++*B Nimrodel Sausalito
Dam's Dam:  GCH Paramount Star Rhapsody

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Rhoma is nicely balanced and well-proportioned, but exhibits the power and upstandingnesss of her dam and granddam.  Her mammary system is very attractive in its fore and rear attachements.  Rhoma was the 5th Place 2-Year Old at the 2014 National Show.  We made the difficult decision to sell Rhoma to a show home, but we have retained her 2014 doe kid, Rhisotto sired by Chip.  Her other daughter, Legendairy Chip's Rhicotta was sold to Jason Puterbaugh in the WDGA Select Sale.  We wish Travis Wright much luck with Rhoma in the future.

GCH Legendairy Alioth Walnut

* Updated 2013 Picture*

2013 Best of Breed/Best Udder of Breed, Iowa State Fair
3rd Place/2nd Udder 5-6 Year Old, 2013 National Show
Best of Breed, 2013 District IV Toggenburg Specialty
Best of Breed and Best in Show, 2013 WI/IL Classic, Janeville, Wisconsin
2012 Best Udder of Breed, Minnesota State Fair
2011 Grand Champion, Iowa & Minnesota State Fairs
1st Place 4-Year Old, 2011 National Show

2-02 VG 88 (VVEV) 2009
3-02 EX 91 (VEEE) 2010
4-02 EX 91 (VEEE) 2011
5-02 EX 91 (VEEE) 2012
6-0 EX 92 (EEEE) 2013

2011 Official One Day Test: 4-02 13.1# 2.75% F 2.85% P

Sire: *B Sunshine Alehs Alioth
Sire's Sire:  Moss-Ridge Carbine Maxcell
     Sire's Dam:  SG Sunshine Laramie Alehs

Dam: GCH Legendairy MRD Wallflower (see above)

Dam's Dam:  CH Legendairy Rambo Waha
     Dam's Sire:  Legendairy Mr. Rhondelet

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  Walnut is a bit smaller in stature, but is impressive for her graceful style and upstandingness.  She has a wonderful presence in the show ring and loves to be shown.  Many judges remark on her dairyness and overall balance.  Her mammary system is nearly ideal in its height and shape.  She was the 3rd Place/2nd Udder 5-6 Year Old at the 2013 National Show, and her 2013 doe kid, Legendairy Rhom Warbler, was the 1st Place Senior Kid.  Past accomplishments include wining the 4-year class at the 2011 National Show, Best of Udder of Breed wins at the Minnesota State Fair, Grand Champion at the Iowa State Fair, and 5 Best in Show wins throughout her career, 2 of which were awarded in May of 2013. Walnut now resides with the Heldt Family. 


CH Legendairy Magical Rhuby

3 X Grand Champion, 2013 Bluff Country Show
 1st Place 2-Year Old, 2013 Iowa State Fair
3rd Place 2-Year Old, 2013 National Show

1-05 84 (+++V) 2012
2-02 87 (VEVV) 2013

Sire:  +*B Poplar-Hill Rhapper Magical
Sire's Sire:  Legendairy Rhapper (Rhondelet son owned by Poplar Hill)
Sire's Dam:  Poplar-Hill Boulevard's Mirage (earned 2 Championship legs)

Dam:  GCH Legendairy Starbuck Rhumba - EX 92 (EEEE)
Dam's Sire:  +*B Marshland Regal/J Starbuck
Dam's Dam:  CH Legenairy Worthy Rhondelet

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Rhuby has come into her own this year.  While she continues to have some growing up to do,everything about her is correct and stylish, including a fancy mammy system that is socked on and nicely shaped.  She is a extremely dairy and refined doe, similar to her dam Rhumba, but is slightly smaller with a fancier mammary system than her dam.  She stood out at the 2013 National Show where she was the 3rd Place 2 Year Old and then later went on to win a highly competitve and large class of 2-year olds at the 2013 Iowa State Fair.  We thank Travis Wright for his purchase of Rhuby. 


GCH Legendairy Diamond Wailea

*Updated 2013 Picture*

Grand Champion and Best of Breed, 2013 MN State Fair
Grand Champion, 2013 Iowa State Fair
Reserve Champion, 2012 Minnesota State Fair


1-04 VG 87 (VEVE) 2011
2-03 VG 89 (VEVE) 2012
3-03 VG 89 (VEVE) 2013

Sire: *B Marshland Arizona Diamondback
Sire's Sire:  SG Cherry Glen Annes Arizona
Sire's Dam:  GCH Marshland Wosje Dee

Dam: CH Legendairy Rambo Waha (See Reference Does)
Dam's Sire:  Hoppy-Land Hilary's Rambo
Dam's Dam:  GCH Legendairy Osage Wave

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Wailea reminds us of her dam and is similar in body style to her mother when Waha was of a similar age.  She had a strong year in the show ring, which culminated with her Champion and Best of Breed wins at the 2013 MN State Fair, beating her herdmates Walnut, Wallflower, and Rhumba in the process!  She was also the 12th Place 3-Year Old at the 2013 National Show.  In making the decision to keep her 2 daughters Waxwing and Welcome, we made the difficult decision to sell Wailea to a show home in Iowa.  We wish fellow Togg breeder Justin Korver lots of luck with Wailea in the future!

GCH Legendairy Dandie Rhue

2-03 VG 89 (EVEV) 2011

2011 Official One Day Test: 2-02 8.1# 1.98% F 2.7% P

Sire: ++*B B & R - B/C Jem Dandie
Dam: CH Legendairy Starbuck Rhone

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Rhue was the 6th place 3-year old at the 2012 National Show.  Her lovely general appearance is complimented by a well supported mammary system, both fore and rear.  While her rear udder shape could be a bit more globular, it well attached with high, wide rear udder and smooth, extended fore udder.  Rhue has two prominent sons in the upper Midwest.  Legendairy Magical Rhoyal, owned by Krista Matson of Marshland Toggenburgs sired the first place senior yearling at the 2013 National Show.  The other, Legendairy Rhue's Rhubric owned by the Erickson Family of Fin-Bar, sired the 2013 Indiana State Fair Junior Champion.  We thank fellow Midwestern Togg breeder Jason Puterbaugh for giving Rhue such a good home.

CH Legendairy Rambo Waha

4-04 EX 93 (VEEE) 2005

6-05 EX 90 (VEEE) 2007

Sire: Hoppy-Land Hillary's Rambo
Sire's Sire: *B Sun Kissed Fortune's Ace
Sire's Dam: Sunshine Affix Hillary

Dam: GCH Legendary Osage Wave
Dam's Sire: +*B Nimrodel Opera's Chivas Osage
Dam's Dam: Dairy Delight Charter Wrozella

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Waha truly was the start of something special and one of Anna's first experiments in thinking about dairy type by incorporating Sunshine genetics more forcefully into the hered. A dash of Sun-Kissed also resulted in the Americanization forever after of the "W" line, but the end product has been more than we could have ever imagined. Waha's show record was consistently strong. In 2008, she placed 3rd with 3rd place udder in the 7-years and over class at the National Show in Louisville. In 2006 in Indianapolis, she placed a cmpetitive 5th in the 5-year old class, and in 2005, Waha was named Grand Champion and Best of Breed at the Minnesota State Fair. Her greatest contribution has bee her daughters and granddaughters, especially Wallflower, Wailea, and Walnut in our herd.

GCH Legendairy Osage Wave

8-01 VG 89 (VEEE)

Sire ++*B Nimrodel Opera's Chivas Osage
Dam: Dairy Delight Charter Wrozella

Dam's Sire: +*B Dairy Delight DDPW Charter
Dam's Dam: GCH Dairy Delight Joker Whiplet

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Wave passed away at the ripe old age of 13. At her peak, Wave excelled in general appearance. She was very level across the topline and showed great strength of bone. Her mammary system was well-supported and balanced into her 12th year. Her consistency as a brood doe has also been proven. She was Waha's dam and has had sons in several herds throughout Minnesota.

GCH Legendairy Worthy Rhondelet

2-04 VG 89 (VVEE)

Sire: Legendairy Worthington
Sire's Sire: GCH *B Marshland Sausalito Boulevard
Sire's Dam: GCH Legendairy Osage Wave *M
Dam: Legendairy Osage Rhonda
Dam's Sire: ++*B Nimrodel Opera's Chivas Osage (1991 spotlight sale buck)
Dam's Dam: Legendairy Winning Rendezvous

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Rhondelet is gone from the herd now, but her influence as a brood doe has had a significant impact on the herd. She was linebred on ++*B Nimrodel Opera's Chivas Osage, full brother to the 1990 National Champion. She was strong in general appearance with width throughout, levelness over the topline, and strong support in the mammary system with a high, wide and capacious udder. She consistently did well in the show ring and placed second in her class at the 2004 Minnesota State Fair. She is the dam of Rhone, Rhumba and Wallflower's sire, Mr. Rhondelet. In 2011, we incorporated Rhondelet back into the herd through the use of a buck leased from Poplar-Hill Dairy. *B Poplar-Hill Rhapper Magical was sired by Rhondelet's last son, Legendairy Rhapper.