Alpine Herd Sires

2017 Senior Herd Sire

Windrush Farms Blizzard Manny-DNA Typed
(D.O.B. 4/15/2013)

Manny croppedSire: Windrush Farms Wonder Blizzard

Dam: Windrush Farms IRS Emily

Link to Manny’s Full Pedigree

We are excited to use Manny again this fall.  He is owned in partnership with Pleasant Grove Alpines and will be used on nearly half of our does this fall. We have strongly admired the Windrush herd for years and are thrilled to be adding these genetics to our does. We hope to add the levelness, beautiful mammary systems, length of body and strong frame we have seen in his relatives and offspring.  The two doe kids we retained placed 2nd place Intermediate and 5th place Senior kid at the 2017 National Show. Just a few of the accomplishments of Manny and his relatives are listed below:

Dam: Windrush Farms IRS Emily – 2nd place milking yearling 2010 Nat’l Show

Sire: Windrush Farms Wonder Blizzard: Sired two National Class winners, is a maternal brother to 2014 Nat’l Premier Sire Windrush Farms IRS Charmer, and well-known Windrush does SGCH Saffron, SGCH Nutmeg, and GCH Corriander. Blizzard also had the 1st place Sr. Get-of-Sire at the 2016 National Show

Maternal Grandsire: Iron Rod ET Sheriff, Nat’l Premier Sire

Full sister: Windrush Farms Blizzard Mimi, 1st place 2 year old 2013 Nat’l Show, 4th place 5-6 year old 2016 National Show

Manny also has sired two National class winners already! The first place Sr. Kid at the 2014 National show and the 2016 1st place Recorded Grade milking yearling owned by Autumn Acres. He sired the Best Udder Alpine at the 2017 Iowa State Fair, owned by Pleasant Grove.

13615361_1351984658162829_4110789975722082951_nFull sister (pictured at left) : Windrush Farms Blizz Mischief-1st place 2-year old 2014 Nat’l Show, 2nd place and Reserve National Champion Alpine 2016 National Show.  (Picture used with permission from Windrush farms)


Pictured below are milking daughters of Manny, all of which reside in the Autumn Acres Herd. He currently already has 4 champion milking daughters.

2017 Senior Herd Sire

Kara Kahl Argento- DNA Typed

(DOB 4/26/2015)

Sire: Pleasant Grove Zen Wingding

Sire of 1st place/1st udder Alpine 2016 Milking Yearling

Dam: GCH Kara Kahl Saga Ajuja

2012 and 2013 GCH and BOB MN State Fair, 6th place 4 yr old 2013 National Show

We jumped at the chance to get Argento back when we heard he was available this summer as he is a 3/4 brother to our 1st place/1st udder milking yearling, Akebono.  We have long admired his dam (Ajuja) for her mammary system, capacity, strength in pasterns and feet and legs as well as width of rump.  Her dam, Aware, has produced our strongest dam lines by having multiple daughters appraise 90 and/or earn their CH status.  This line has been especially consistent in mammary system, especially area of attachment.   Argento is heavily linebred on 4-time National Show Premier Alpine Sire, CH Pleasant Grove Super Saga. His pedigree includes multiple high-placing National Show does, including CH Pleasant Grove Saga Whimper (EX 92), SGCH Stardust Cordite Saba (EX 93), GCH Kara Kahl Sauvignon Aware (EX92).   His first kids are quite level, correct in pasterns and rear leg set, and very dairy.  Two daughters of Argento placed 6th and 9th place in an Intermediate kid class of more than 30 kids at the 2017 National Show.

Link to Argento Full Pedigree

2017 Junior Herd Sire

Kara Kahl Aizumi- DNA typed
(DOB 3/02/2017)

Sire: Pleasant Grove Zen Wingding

Dam: GCH Kahl Kahl PGL Arugula
2015 and 2016 Best Udder in Show-MN State Fair, 
3rd place/1st udder Yearling – 2014 National Show & 5th place/3rd Udder 2016 National Show.

Aizumi is a full genetic brother to GCH Kara Kahl PGW Akebono, our 1st place/1st udder and 2nd/2nd udder 2 year old at the 2016 and 2017 National Show.  Arugula consistently has passed along her beautiful mammary to her offspring and we are hoping her son does the same.  Aizumi is very correct in his general appearance, especially his feet and legs.

Link to Aizumi Full Pedigree

2017 Senior Herd Sire (on lease in 2017)

Kara Kahl Art Thief

(DOB 4/17/2015)

14021588_1282819235091735_2879753802095477437_nSire: PJ Bailey’s Charming Assassin
Sire’s Sire: GCH Windrush Farms IRS Charmer
Dam: GCH PJ Bailey’s Sultan’s Anzella EX 92 EEEE
2nd Place/2nd Place Udder 7+ Over Aged Doe, 2014 National Show
2nd Place 5-6 Year Old, 2011 ADGA National Show

Dam: CH Kara Kahl Regard Arya EX EEVE 91
Dam’s Sire: Sunshine Rehma Regard
Dam’s Dam: Kara Kahl Xanto Arusha EX 90

We retained Art Thief  as we love the mammary system and strength of general appearance, particularly in feet and legs, of his dam Arya.  Unfortunately we lost Arya in July of 2016, but we felt she was one of our most balanced does and we see those characteristics in Art Thief as well.  is twin sister, Aryanna, placed 5th /3rd udder at the 2016 National Show. We love the correct feet and legs,  as well as the width and levelness in Art Thief’s first kids.  His milking yearling daughter, Ahncore, appraised VG 85, and we are eager to see her mature.  Art Thief is on lease in 2017  in the Mellow Meadows herd where he was used extensively. We are eager to see his daughters in her herd.

Link to Art Thief Full Pedigree

Reference Sires

Marran Rose’s Rememberance
(D.O.B. 4/1/2014)

13938441_1276262062414119_6777568821824503677_nSire: Sunshine Rehma Regard
Sire’s Sire: Nodaway MD Ayla’s Aries
Sire’s Dam: SGCH Sunshine Clare Rehma  92 (EEEE)

Dam: CH Marran Rapture’s Rose : 
2nd Place 4-year old doe, 2013 National Show
Dam’s Sire: CH Nodaway Must B Fate
Dam’s Dam: CH Nodaway SGG Rayla’s Rapture – RsCH 2013 National Show

Link to Rememberance Full Pedigree

We greatly admired his dam, Rose, for her exceptionally level topline, beautiful mammary and strong front end.  We see these same qualities in Rememberance.  We are very excited to incorporate the Rapture “R” line into our herd, as it has been such a tremendously strong dam line.  On the sire’s side, Sunshine Rehma Regard threw very strongly attached mammary systems, dairy strength and milk, as many of Rehma’s sons did throughout the country.  We have retained two daughters (of only 3 born) and have semen of a son of Remembrance for our breeding program.

 PJ Bailey’s Charming Assassin
(D.O.B. 2/23/2012)

Sire: GCH Windrush Farms IRS Charmer
Sire’s Sire: Iron-Rod ET Sheriff
Sire’s Dam: Angel-Prairie Dutch Cinnamon 7-03 91 (EEEE)

Dam: GCH PJ Bailey’s Sultan’s Anzella EX 92 EEEE
2nd Place/2nd Place Udder 7+ Over Aged Doe, 2014 National Show
2nd Place 5-6 Year Old, 2011 ADGA National Show
Dam’s Sire: *B IRS Ranch NCS Sulten
Dam’s Dam: PJ-Bailey’s Cheers Allie

Link to Assassin’s Full Pedigree


At Left, Assassin’s Dam: GCH PJ-Baileys’ Sulten’s Anzella – 5-05 EX 92 (EEEE)
At Right, Assassin’s Sire:  GCH Windrush Farms IRS Charmer – 4-06 89 (VEV)

Assassin’s pedigree contains some of the strongest representatives of French Alpine genetics.  We have long admired Anzella for her beautiful general appearance, tremendous style, and longevity.  Charmer was the Premier Sire at 2014 National Show and has sired some very fancy offspring including GCH PJ-Baileys’ Charmer Apphia, a full sister to Assassin.   Assassin is the sire of our buck, Art Theif.

Kara-Kahl Antonio
(D.O.B. 4/3/2011)

Sire: ++*B Willow Run GB Juan Carlos  2-04 90 (VEE)
Sire’s Sire: Sweet Dreams Golden Boy
Sire’s Dam: SGCH Willow Run Apache Josefina – 7-03 92 (EEEE)

1st Place 4 Year Old, 2004 National Show

Dam: SGCH Kara-Kahl Sauvignon Aware  7-04 92 (EEEE)
Dam’s Sire: Kara-Kahl Sauvignon
Dam’s Dam: Kara-Kahl Loyal Arilla

Link to Antonio’s Full Pedigree

Top:  Kara-Kahl Antonio 2-02 VG 89 (VEE) 2013
Bottom: Antonio’s Paternal Granddam, GCH Willow Run Apache Josefina

Antonio was a long-bodied, dairy, and very correct young buck. His first milking daughter in our herd, Kara Kahl Antonio’s Siri is long, tall, and elegant.  She was Senior Champion at the Minnesota State Fair in 2015 and our highest appraising Alpine in 2015.  We still have 5 straws of Antonio we plan to use

Pleasant-Grove Amen Longitude
(DOB 2/9/2010)

Sire:  Pleasant-Grove Act Menancing
           Sire’s Sire:  *B Center-Stage WRR Act 1
           Sire’s Dam:  CH Pleasant-Grove RCS Minor  
           3-04 92 (EEEE)

       Dam:  CH Pleasant-Grove SSO Length – 5-07 EX 92 (EEEE) 
            2011 Reserve National Champion
           Dam’s Sire:  Pleasant Grove Super Standout
           Dam’s Dam:  SGCH Pleasant Grove RCS Lesson

Link to Longitude’s Full Pedigree

Longitude – Fall 2012

 Longitude’s Dam:  CH Pleasant-Grove SSO Length, 2011 Reserve National Champion

We greatly admired Length for her strong, long, and correct frame, and her beautiful mammary system.  We see a lot of potential in our Amen daughter, A & W, and we see the sire’s side of Longitude’s pedigree as complementing our genetics well. Longitude is the sire of Arugula.  We purchased 5 straws of Longitude and plan to use him again in the future. 

 ++*B Pleasant-Grove Super Saga  3-03 EX 90 VEE
4 X National Premier Sire Alpine)

Sire:  Pleasant-Grove Liasion Superior

Dam:  SGCH Stardust Cordite Saba 13*M – FS 93

Link to Saga’s Full Pedigree

1st Place Senior-Get-of-Sire, 2013 National Show

We bought 5 more straws of Saga this year after watching our Saga daughter, Ajuja, mature into a lovely, competitive doe. We were pleased that she could be a part of the 1st place Senior Get, a win that truly demonstrates the lasting influence this buck has had on the Alpine breed.  Saga is increasingly in the background of many of our Alpine pedigrees. We have 5 straws and plan to use him via AI.

 *B Sunshine Rehma Regard

Sire: Nodaway MD Ayla’s Aries  6-06 88 VEE  (56 daughters: +128 milk, +5.2 fat)
Sire’s Sire: Nodaway Moon Dragon
Sire’s Dam:  Nodaway Sorcerer’s Ayla  6-03 91 EEEE

 Dam: SGCH Sunshine Clare Rehma  5-02 93 EEEE
   Dam’s Sire: Maple Glen Classic’s Claire
Dam’s Dam: Sunshine Advancer Rohma  5-03 90 VEVE

Link to Regard’s Full Pedigree


Top: SGCH Sunshine Clare Rehma 

Bottom: Kara-Kahl Regard Chartreuse  4-03 91 VEVE

Regard’s dam, Rehma, was 1st place 5-year old with the 1st place Udder and Best Alpine Udder at the 1998 ADGA National Show. Three of Regard’s daughters were appraised Excellent and achieved CH status in the show ring.  One of our does, Arya, was 6th place a the 2014 Nationals, appraised 91 at 3 yrs of age and is the dam of our buck Art Thief.  They were also excellent milkers. We still have 9 straws of Regard in our tank and have a couple of does in mind to breed him to.

Kara Kahl Xuberant

(DOB 4/10/2016)

13882093_1276262029080789_153548149127135179_nSire: Marran Rose’s Remembrance

See information and pictures above

Dam: GCH Pleasant Grove Zen Xercise
2015 GCH and BOB MN State Fair, 3rd/3rd Yearling Udder – 2012 National Show

We used and collected Xuberant as we love the mammary and correctness of his dam, and the power and dairy strength in his sire.  His pedigree includes CH Nodaway SGG Rayla’s Rapture, 2013 Reserve National Champion, and SGCH Sunshine Rehma Regard, 1998 National Best Udder, who are two of the strongest dam lines we have seen.  Also in his pedigree, is 4-time Premier National Alpine Sire,  GCH Pleasant Grove Super Saga and SGCH Stardust Cordite Saba  EX -EEEE 93, a two-time National class winner and one of the most influential does in the Pleasant Grove herd.  Xuberant is an extremely correct, strong buck We sold Xuberant in the Spring of 2016, but have him collected.

Link to Xuberant Full Pedigree