Spring Has Sprung at Kara Kahl Farm!


Spring is finally here!  The weather is consistently warmer by the day and kidding season is almost complete.  The promise and potential represented by new baby kids and first fresheners is always exciting, and we are looking forward to a marathon clipping session in the coming weeks to uncover what’s been hiding under all that hair.

Xylem 2016
Kara-Kahl SID Xylem is looking good (even under all that hair) with a 2nd freshening under her belt.
Apple Rear 2016
Kara-Kahl Sinful Apple, a promising first freshener sired by PJ-Bailey’s Charming Assassin

Watch our website for more consistent and timely updates in the months ahead once we get out to the late spring and early summer shows.  We are currently planning on attending the WI/IL Classic in Janesville, Wisconsin, on May 28th and the Tri-State Classic in West Salem, Wisconsin, on June 11th.