Winter Has Arrived At Kara Kahl Farm

K-BAR-C Zim’s Chippewa, Premier Toggenburg Sire, 2015 MN State Fair, 3-05 EX 90 (VEE)
Chip’s 1st Place Senior Get, 2015  IA State Fair:   Winterberry, Rhainy Rhiver, & Rhubiayat

With the advent of winter, breeding season is nearly over and all does are bred.  We’ve shifted to once a day milking or does being dried off.  In our corner of Minnesota, we’ve been fortunate to have very little snow and mild temps. Our focus has turned to the Holidays and hunkering down for the real winter to come. We’re looking forward to a crop of exciting kids.

Marran Rose’s Rememberance sired by *B Sunshine Rehma Regard. The majority of our Alpines are bred to him this fall.
CH Marran Rapture’s Rose; 2nd Place 4-Year Old, 2013 ADGA National Show; Dam of Rememberance

We have used a mix of live sires and AI sires in our breedings.  We are in close proximity to some of the top dairy goat breeders in the Midwest and have found that leasing and trading top quality genetics has been both an economical and advantageous way to further our goals.




We’ve incorporated AI into our breeding program since the early 1980s, which permits us to widen the quality and scope of our genetics. But, AI doesn’t work on every goat, so we always make sure that we have a high quality selection of live sires


Kara-Kahl Art Thief; Alpine Junior Herd Sire         CH Kara-Kahl Regard Arya X PJ-Bailey’s Charming Assassin
CH K-BAR-C RR Karmen’s Wearenpearls;   2011 Reserve National Champion; Paternal Sister to K-BAR-C Rick’s Evening Ranger

If a breeding for 2016 interests you, please contact us.  We’ve updated the “Ordering” section of our website and welcome any questions about the genetic potential of offspring. Breeding goats is certainly not an exact science, but we pride ourselves on maintaining a high quality, nationally competitive herd. Tap into our experience as breeders, and our emphasis on quality management, herd health, and production.