Alpine Reference Does

GCH Kara Kahl Sauvignon Aware

          Sire:  *B Kara Kahl Sauvignon LA 2005 EX 91 (VEE)

Sire's Sire: *B Kara Kahl Golden Lotto
Sire's Dam:  Kara Kahl Achieved Signe *M

Dam:  Kara Kahl Loyal Arilla 6-05 92 (VEEE) 2005 *see reference does*

Link to Aware's Full Pedigree

2-05 EX  91 (VEEE) 2007
5-04 EX  91 (VEEE) 2010
6-04 EX 91 (VEEE) 2011
7-04 EX 92 (EEEE) 2012

Aware made her mark in innumerable ways in our herd and in other herd across the Midwest.  She was a tall, elegant doe with a beautiful mammary system.  She was one of our most accomplished does in the show ring, winning Best in Show at least 6 times over her career, and placing third in the aged doe class at the 2012 National Show.  Her daughters Ajuja and Arugula are beautiful does in their own right, and Aware's bucks have made a significant genetic impact, including her son Antonio who we used in our herd.  We will miss her greatly, but know that her legacy lives on through her progeny. 


Kara Kahl Xanto Arusha

Sire:  *B Vance's Tishona's Xanto
Sire's Sire: *B Redwoods Hills Stone Amnesty
Sire's Dam: 
GCH Vance's WRCR Tishona

                   (7th Place 2 year old, 2006 National Show)
Kara Kahl Loyal Arilla 6-05 92 (VEEE) 2005 *see below*

Link to Arusha's Full Pedigree

1-04 VG 86 (VEVV) 2009
3-04 EX 90  (E+EE) 2011
4-04 EX 90 (VVEE) 2012

Arusha's daughter Arya by *B Sunshine Rehma Regard is one of our most promising young does.  Arusha now resides with Becky Gretebeck's competitive herd of Alpines in Wisconsin. 

Kara Kahl Loyal Arilla 

Sire: +*B Hoach's Lark Loyalty
Sire's Sire: GCH Abundance Danish Classic *++B  
                     (Sire of GCH Maple Glen Classic's Angela - '96 and '97 Nat'l Champion)
     Sire's Dam: GCH Hoach's QAAG Goldenlark (1994 National Champion)

Dam: Kara Kahl Millionaire Acadia 5*M 5-05 88 VVEV
Dam's Sire: *B Sanstorms Millionaire
Dam's Dam: GCH Kara Kahl Rocket's Acclaim 4*M

Link to Arilla's Full Pedigree

6-05 92 (VEEE) 2005

A true matriarch, Arilla stamped her influence on our herd with a group of beautiful daughters, granddaughters, and herd sires.  Three of her daughters are finished champions and she has sons both in our herd and across the Midwest.  Due to a teat infection that she contracted at the peak of her show career, she only
earned two legs toward her championship, but she has always excelled in general appearance and had a very strongly supported mammary system.


Kara-Kahl Arc S


Sire' Kara-Kahl Arcade Fire
Dam: Kara Kahl Sorghum Sincere

Link to Sicily's Full Pedigree
1-04 VG 86 (+V+V) 2010
 2-06 VG 87 (VEVV) 2011

Sicily is tightly linebred on Arilla. Her dam, Sincere, was the 1st-place Junior Yearling at the 2008 National Show and Best Junior Doe in Show at the 2008 Minnesota State Fair.  She is tall, long, and extremely correct on her feet and legs. Sicily was the 15th place milking yearling at the 2010 National Show and the first place milking yearling at the 2010 Minnesota State Fair.  We have sold Sicily to a show home, but are excited about her 2012 daughter Siri sired by Kara-Kahl Antonio.  Siri has freshened with lovely mammary system!

Kara-Kahl Elijah So Rare


Sire: +*B Willow Run Landmark Elijah
Dam: Kara-Kahl Chirac So Fine

Link to So Rare's Full Pedigree

5-04 EX 91 (EEEE) 2014
2-04 VG 88 (VEVV)  2011

So Rare is one of the milkiest and most angular does we've bred.  She peaked at over 16 pounds a day during her 2012 lactaction.  Thanks so much to Brian and Karin McCann for taking such great care of So Rare!